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Vaillant Boiler Repair


Vaillant Boiler Repair London

For the best in boiler performance, efficiency and control, plus eco-friendliness, Vaillant boilers stand out. And because we have experience on their products, Plumbers Emergency stands tall in Vaillant boiler repair.

What Do We Know?

We'll get you started by identifying the most common Vaillant boiler fault codes. These are:

  • Vaillant F22 boiler fault
  • Vaillant F27 boiler fault
  • Vaillant F28&29 boiler fault
  • Vaillant F75 boiler fault

Code error F22 appears every time there's lack of water or pressure or both. This code protects your boiler by detecting that it's not firing correctly and that there's a lack of water. Another cause of this fault code could be a faulty pump. Furthermore, another issue arises if the pressure has dropped past the recommended 1.5 bar level. We know you can use the filling loop to top up the pressure, but this is only a quick fix and not a long term fix.

Vaillant F27 boiler fault has to do with the flame. This could be because the flame sensor is faulty. A broken gas valve can be a problem. Another reason for this fault could be that the PCB is not working or the boiler's ignition leads are bad.

Vaillant F28/29 boiler fault is not easily seen, but if they show up, you'll be unable to get any hot water or heating supplies. An easy diagnosis is your gas supply, but the solution is not all that simple if your other gas appliances are working properly. There could be issues with the ignition unit, ignition leads, gas valve operation or the air inlet duct.

Vaillant F75 boiler fault can be caused by a faulty central heating pump or the pressure sensor, or both. In this case, you notice that there is air in heating installation and radiators/pipework or the boiler pressure is too low. A defective water pressure pump or sensor is another symptom.

Boilers are not easy, and it is dangerous to play with gas. You can identify these problems and fix them but may not do so well.

What's the Right Solution?

Get help with Vaillant boiler repair from Plumbers Emergency.


We are an experienced, Gas Safe Registered company on Vaillant boiler repair.

Our boiler repairs at Plumbers Emergency is smart. We own the latest tech tools plus the best hands to diagnose and perform Vaillant boiler repair. Plumbers Emergency offers long term Vaillant boiler repair at a competitive price. The F27 boiler fault deals with flame but we know the risk and own the fix. You need us.

The gas related problem of F28&29 fault code could cause severe damage. Here at Plumbers Emergency, we have the expertise to thoroughly and safely check your boiler and ensure everyone's safety. For 24-hours a day, Plumbers Emergency offers Vaillant boiler repair services be it on emergency or at ease.

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