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Boiler Installation


Emergency Boiler Installation London

The nub of your home’s central heating system is the boiler. You don’t want to be without heat in your home when it starts to snow outside. Though we have a little bit of time before it starts getting cold, now is the best time to get a boiler installed in your home.

It can be a very complicated and often stressful decision to find the ideal plumber to install a boiler, which is why Plumbers Emergency is at your service to ease that stress and offer exceptional services to your doorstep. We are here to help you make the best decision such that will suit your home and needs.

The benefit of having a boiler installed in your residence is the energy efficiency it provides; it can hold more heat for a longer time. You also don’t have to worry about duct leaks. Boilers distribute heat uniformly than forced air heating systems. It doesn’t generate hot and cold spots like the forced air system; instead, it helps keep heat near the floor of the room where it is needed.

At Emergency Plumbers, we install Fire-tube and Water-tube boilers and other classes of boilers. The differences in these boilers, installation techniques and safety, are carefully managed during installation based on our thorough knowledge of the job and the needed expertise for installation.

Our installation services have the following parameters:

Flexibility of Use

  • The boiler can be quickly started or stopped
  • The erection time is less, and the parts are easily dismantled
  • It occupies less floor space
  • All parts of the boiler are accessible for inspection and cleaning


  • The boiler generates maximum steam with minimum fuel consumption
  • Its initial, running and maintenance cost is not high


  • The boiler is fitted with safety apparatus and positive controls
  • The heating surface of the boiler is free from mud
  • The tubes are free from soot


  • The boiler is trouble free, requiring less maintenance and attention.
  • It accommodates the load variation.
  • it possesses a high rate of heat transfer and better combustion
  • it is free from manufacturing defects

At Plumbers Emergency, we aim to offer first class boiler installation at competitive prices –this is to make sure you get nothing short of the best value for your boiler, the installation and services you will receive. Plumbers Emergency puts into consideration your home size, central heating requirements and budget to provide you with a realistic estimate of installation costs.

Boiler heating system provides a clean form of heating devoid of dust particles and other allergens. The generated heat is comfortable and of high quality. Boiler installation and utilisation are user-friendly with added zoning capabilities. Its operation is quiet because the noise is confined inside the boiler –this gives your home that serenity you cherish.

Why not take advantage of these fantastic benefits and have Plumbers Emergency get a boiler installed in your home?

Keep the cold where it belongs. Get a boiler installation today.


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